Funny faces can be a part of your vacation photos. You need to be safe and keep distance. See our blog for tips. The best place to stay is in Whitefish and Glacier National Park. Whitefish Glacier Vacations has a selection of vacation rentals from luxury slopeside ski condos to a stunning downtown townhome for a special retreat to cabins in West Glacier. Choose the right vacation home for your getaway.

Follow our upcoming series of blogs that will give you itinerary ideas on your trip to Whitefish, Glacier National Park and other Northwest Montana destinations. To get you started, read this short summary about some basics to get you started. Then come back for some great tips on where to go, what to see and out of the ordinary ideas to make your getaway fantastically memorable!


Our next update will be coming out shortly will be a 5-day itinerary of ideas to enjoy in the areas and beyond.


Here, we’ll try to give you all the information you need, including websites, and info to help you make great choices for your vacation. And, for your outdoor adventures, most of our properties have bear spray on site.  Still, others have backpacks, hiking poles, and others have kayaks, e-bikes and paddle boards. Also, we are here to help answer any questions you have. So, please feel free to call us or email us at if you have questions about our rental properties. 

Granted, we have vacation in our name, we do not plan vacation schedules. But, we are here (and our blog is too) to help share ideas and suggestions. Of course, we want your vacation to be memorable. So, please read on for today’s basics. And, in future posts we’ll have itinerary ideas and split the suggestions based on GNP or Whitefish. So, how does that sound? 

Here, let’s start with some very basics.  Whether you are heading up the Mountain to Whitefish or into Glacier National Park, consider getting some groceries before you head to your accommodations.  

Whitefish Groceries

Whitefish has two bigger grocery stores before you head up the mountain or into downtown. They are both within 1/2 mile of each other and prices are comparable. 

Safeway (Just South of Downtown WF)

6580 US 93

Open Daily 6am – 11pm

*Pharmacy Open 8am – 8pm

Pack food and snacks for your day of hiking. Whitefish Glacier Vacations has a selection of vacation rentals from luxury slopeside ski condos to a stunning downtown townhome for a special retreat to cabins in West Glacier. Choose the right vacation home for your getaway in Whitefish or Glacier

Super 1 Foods (Just South of Downtown WF)

6475 US 93 South – Whitefish Mountain Center

Open 24 Hours



Glacier National Park Groceries 

Here, you will need to stop in Columbia Falls for Groceries. Of course, we recommend Super 1 Foods (see below). By contrast, it’s the biggest and closest to GNP. However, there is a village market in West Glacier, a post office. And, there are smaller shops and a couple of restaurants. Now, the market has a nice selection of groceries & snacks and basics, but it won’t have a huge selection. But, if you need a quick item, the village market may have what you need.

Also, if you choose to dine out in the park, the National Park Service restaurants have higher prices. So, keep that in mind if you are trying to stay on a budget. We like to splurge with their desserts if that helps. Ice cream is always a good bonus after a hike or kayaking.

Super 1 Foods – Columbia Falls

2100 9th St West

Columbia Falls

Open 24 Hours


Learn the basics of Glacier National Park

Now, if you are staying at any of our Whitefish Glacier Vacation properties, you’ll probably be entering the park on the West Glacier side.  In the little village of West Glacier, you do NOT need a park pass. Here, you’ll find a small community of shops, gas, post office & village restaurants and some lodging. (Note: Backing up to the golf course on Camas Road with a beautiful view, you’ll find our property rental West Glacier Vista.)

west glacier vista on west glacier golf course is a lovely 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo located on west glacier golf course

West Glacier Vista has THE VIEW waiting for you. Located less than 5 minutes from the Glacier National Park entrance, this unit backs up to the Glacier View Public Golf Course.

Moreover, if you drive in just a little more, you’ll come to the Park Entrance where you will need to get your Park Pass. Once through here, you’ll come to Apgar Village and the beautiful Lake McDonald.  Here, you’ll find Eddy’s cafe, a few quaint shops, Park Information and Eddy’s Ice Cream (try their Huckleberry). Also, found here is our West Glacier Bear Cabin property rental.

West Glacier Bear Cabin is a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom cabin located in Apgar Village, around the corner from Lake McDonald. We are the perfect lodging location inside Glacier National Park. <yoastmark class=


Now, if you have a Vehicle Reservation, you can either head to the very scenic Going-to-the-Sun-Road/  Here, you can drive all the way to the east side of the park to  St Mary’s entrance if the road is open for the season. What’s more, it will be a purely stunning and spectacular drive. However, be prepared for crowds and a slow drive. Remember, you’re here to enjoy your time!  Enjoy the view!


Glacier National Park Vehicle Reservation System. Know before you go when you'll be able to access the Going To The Sun Road.

Click above to be taken to the Vehicle Reservation Website


Remember, this road is only open for at most 2 to 2 1/2 months during the year depending on the snow. So, please be a patient driver and you won’t be disappointed. If you research and see photos of what the snowplows go through, you’ll have a newfound respect for the road you’re traveling!

The beauty of Glacier National Park awaits your arrival when you plan your next Montana Vacation. Whitefish Glacier Vacations offers the best lodging in Flathead Valley. From down Whitefish townhomes, to condos on Big Mountain and cabins inside Glacier National Park, the perfect property is just a click away.

 Also, if you drive the GTTSR between 6am – 3pm you MUST have a vehicle reservation.  Click HERE to learn more:

Or, you can follow the North Fork of the Flathead River/Camas Road and head north to Polebridge.  Mind you, there are very limited services here. Also, there is  little cell phone coverage.  This will be a love it or hate it side trip. Some people rave about it, other people wonder why they took a bumpy dirt ride for a huckleberry bear claw at the mercantile.  (Good luck with your decision!)

For Park road conditions or construction information please click HERE

There is a Shuttle service for the Going-to-the-Sun-Road. It is based on a first-come first-service basis and runs from 7am – 7pm that running 7 days a week. To learn more click HERE for more information

Our Next Article will be a 5-day itinerary